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At The Bali Story

we aim to revolutionise the traditional corporate event model, delivering uniquely tailored experiences that inspire creativity, innovation, and lasting impact.

We collaborate closely with our clients, diving deep into their goals and visions to craft events that meet and exceed expectations.

It’s not just about organising events; it’s about creating pieces of art that align perfectly with your brand, values, and objectives, achieving financial and branding success.

Known as a place of profound transformations, Bali’s unique nature, rich culture, and deep traditions infuse every event with a unique energy, turning them into lifetime experiences.

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What sets us apart

Global Experience

We’ve rocked International events in 5 countries. Global events in our portfolio. We know how to handle any event management and event organising!

Pure Passion

We love what we do. It’s that simple.

Real Results

Your goals are our goals. Let’s hit them.

Eye For Detail

Every little thing matters.
One client at a time.

Clear Pricing

No surprises. You know the cost.
Deliver beyond expectation.

Let's Build the Extraordinary. Together!

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Services and Solutions

Elevate Your Events with Our Innovative and Customised Solutions

We do more than organise events. We architect journeys of wonder and transformation, crafting timeless memories and extraordinary impacts, all tuned to your brand for ultimate financial and branding triumphs.

Whether it’s a team-building retreat, a large-scale conference, an exhibition or a corporate business event, we bring our wealth of knowledge, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure the success of every event.

Team-Building Retreats and Corporate Events:
Transform your team in Bali. It’s about creating visionaries and fostering innovation. We’re building the future, one team at a time.
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Large-Scale Conference, Festival, Summit
We’re not just hosting conferences in Bali. We’re creating a nexus for revolutionary ideas and groundbreaking discussions. It’s where the future is forged.
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Startup and Product Launch
Launching startups into the stratosphere. We’re not just unveiling game-changers. We’re showcasing tomorrow's disruptors. We’re introducing the world to the next big thing.
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Strategic Business Session
It’s more than strategy. It’s about envisioning the future and navigating uncharted territories. We’re crafting the blueprint for tomorrow’s success.
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Inspiring Experiences
We’re crafting transformative experiences in Bali, a place with unique energy, epic nature and rich culture. It’s where sparks fly and worlds change. It’s about igniting powerful, global transformation.
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Innovation Workshops
Welcome to the future of ideation. We’re creating the melting pot for revolutionary ideas and disruptive thinking.
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Tech Expos and Hackathons
Discover what’s next. It’s where technology meets creativity, birthing revolutionary solutions.
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Transformational Leadership Bootcamps
Cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. It’s about leading the charge into the future and transforming how we see the world.
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Sustainability Summits
We’re not just talking about sustainability; we’re building a greener, more sustainable future. It’s about eco-innovations that make a difference.
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Event Management. Consulting and Solutions
Let’s not just create events; let’s create the future. It’s about transformation, innovation, and a vision that reaches beyond the stars.
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The founder

Lana Shevchenko

Lana Shevchenko, with 18 years at the forefront of the Events and startup industries, spans the SEA, MENA, and UK markets. Her international journey, covering five countries, enriches her portfolio with global events.

Get clear, tailored recommendations and insights for your business needs. Let’s explore how we can elevate your next event. Talk to Lana and start planning today. Say goodbye to organisational stress!

A visionary in connecting people, ideas, and the future. Entrepreneur. Founder of several startups. Event Producer and Marketer. 
She brings a unique blend of knowledge and creativity to every project, ensuring unparalleled success in every event

Philosophy: authenticity, responsibility, innovation, creativity, and impact.

Finding her heart's calling in Bali, The Bali Story is Lana’s homage to the island’s captivating beauty, culture, and spirituality, transforming each event into a remarkable experience.

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